All Flip Flops & Sandals

We stock a huge variety of outdoor flip flops, sandals and thongs. These are the brands you can expect to see in this collection.


Keen: Very popular American brand of footwear that do variations for all sorts of outdoor pursuits. Most widely known for their tough toe box sandals, that are renowned for boaters and tough terrain summer hikers.

Reef:  Great lifestyle brand that offer some sandals along side their huge range of flip flops. They have a lot of ambassadors behind their brand that try and test to the limits of beach and outdoor use. A very popular one is the bottle opener flip flop inspired by Top surfer, Mick Fanning.

Teva: Teva is another american brand that really have adapted to what the foot needs over the years. concentrating on great arch support and a solid instep. They have something suitable for all walks of life whether it be a trip into town or a hike across the coastal paths.

Source: This brand is a sister brand of Meindl (Bramwell International) Source specialize in the wider fit just like Meindl and have really adjustable straps to allow even oddest shaped foot have an option when it comes to sandals! (We do kids ones too!)

Animal: A very similar brand to reef, Animal are a surf and lifestyle brand that prove to be extremely affordable for a great pair of flip flops. They usually come in some exciting colour's too.

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