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Grivel Crampon Crown Cover

The Grivel Crampon Crown Cover is a good value way of ensuring your crampons' sharp points don't damage rucksacks or other items that you may be carrying.

Grivel are always looking for little ways to make your life easier, and this certainly falls in that category.

The Crampon Crown Cover is sure to be a popular choice, featuring an innovative circular shape which not only fits the design of any crampon, but also offers protection like no other.

It doesn't matter if your crampon is 10 or 12 points, rigid or flexible, mono or duo point, with or without posterior spur - this Grivel product is extremely adaptable.

This product is also easy to store, and with two coming in each pack, the Grivel Crampon Crown Cover is a great value choice to protect from damage.

Easy to store 2 crampon crowns included