• Sprayway Men's Nesus Leggings

Sprayway Men's Nesus Leggings

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Sprayway Men's Nesus Leggings

Merino wool is used predominantly in high-end, performance athletic wear.

Typically meant for use in running, hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, cycling, and in other types of outdoor aerobic exercise, Merino base layers command a premium over synthetic base layers. 

Several properties contribute to merino's popularity for exercise clothing, compared to wool in general and to other types of fabric: 

• Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin.

• The wool provides some warmth, without overheating the wearer.

• It draws moisture (sweat) away from the skin, a phenomenon known as wicking. The fabric is slightly moisture repellent (keratin fibres are hydrophobic at one end and hydrophilic at the other), allowing the user to avoid the feeling of wetness.

• Like cotton, wool absorbs water (up to 1/3 its weight), but, unlike cotton, wool retains warmth when wet, thus helping wearers avoid hypothermia after strenuous workouts (climbs) or weather events.

• Like most wools, merino contains lanolin, which has antibacterial properties.

• Merino is one of the softest types of wool available, due to finer fibres and smaller scales.

• Merino has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio compared to other wools, in part because the smaller fibres have microscopic cortices of dead air, trapping body heat similar to the way a sleeping bag warms its occupant.


• Mountain fit/sizing

• Soft elastic waist

• Cover stitched seams

• No back neck labels

• Front fly opening