Two Simple Ways to Pay with Klarna:

Pay Later with Klarna

Get It Now, Pay Later: Once your items are shipped, you'll have up to 30 days to make the payment. It's hassle-free and interest-free. Plus, there are no fees when you pay on time!

Perfect for: Those who need a bit of breathing space before making a payment, ensuring you're fully satisfied with your purchase.

Pay in 3 with Klarna

Easy Instalments: Spread the cost of your purchase into 3 equal payments. These instalments are taken monthly and are absolutely free of charge – no hidden fees!

Ideal for: Managing your budget effectively while still indulging in the quality outdoor gear you need.

How to Use Klarna for Easy Payments at Outback in 3 Simple Steps

Shop Responsibly:

While we love providing you with flexible payment options, we also care about your financial well-being. It's important to consider whether splitting payments is the best option for you. If you're unsure, our comprehensive FAQs offer all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Hassle-Free Shopping Experience:

Remember, at Outback, your shopping experience is paramount. With Klarna, not only do you get flexible payment options, but you also enjoy our commitment to quality, top brands like Mountain Equipment and The North Face, and our dedicated customer service.
Embrace the freedom to explore the outdoors with Outback and Klarna. Adventure awaits, and now it's more accessible than ever!

Shop with Confidence:

With Klarna, you get the flexibility to manage your finances without missing out on the high-quality outdoor gear that Outback offers. From brands like Mountain Equipment to The North Face, your next outdoor adventure is just a few clicks away. And remember, our dedicated customer service team is always here to help if you have any questions.

Financial Responsibility with Klarna's Flexible Payment Options

At Outback, we're committed to offering you flexible ways to purchase the outdoor gear you love. Partnering with Klarna, we provide options like 'Pay in 3' and 'Pay Later' to help you manage your budget effectively. However, it's crucial to approach these options with financial mindfulness.
Think Before You Buy: While 'pay later' options offer convenience, it's vital to consider your financial situation. Plan your purchases and ensure you can comfortably meet the payment obligations each month.
Stay Informed: Not sure how it works? Our FAQs are a great resource for understanding Klarna's services and how they fit into your financial planning.

Terms of Klarna's Services

Unregulated Credit Agreements: Please note, Klarna's 'Pay in 3' and 'Pay Later' options are unregulated credit agreements. This means they're not governed by the same rules as other credit products, and it's essential to use them wisely.
Impact on Financial Status: Borrowing beyond your means or missing payments can negatively affect your financial status and your ability to obtain credit in the future.
Eligibility and Terms: These services are available to individuals over 18 and UK residents only. Eligibility is subject to status, and additional terms and conditions apply.

Be Sensible and Keep Track

Enjoy the Choice, Spend Wisely: We encourage you to enjoy the flexibility Klarna offers, but it's important to be sensible about your purchases. Avoid the temptation to overspend just because the option is available.
Monitor Your Balances: Regularly check your pay-later balances. Staying on top of your payments ensures a healthy financial habit and a stress-free shopping experience.