Acme Windmaster / Magpie Call Whistle - 263

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Acme Windmaster / Magpie Call Whistle - 263

Acme Windmaster / Magpie Call Whistle - 263

£12.49 £12.00

Acme Windmaster / Magpie Call Whistle - 263

£12.49 £12.00

A storm or a breeze, the wind whistling around a building – or the chugging of a steam train. This versatile whistle produces all these sound effects as well as a train “toot”. Bird sound effects too:-
• The Jay – The Sky Woodland Jay, a colourful member of the Crow family. They make an unmistakable screaming call when on the move.
• The Magpie – Makes the famous ‘chatter’ of this black & white collector of all things bright and sparkling.


How to use

1. Magpie Chatter - cup hand around bowl to muffle the sound and "spit blow" hard to create a chatter.

2. Jay Call - Make two or three long but sharp blows. It produces the hiss of the jay.

3. Steam Train Effect - Short, sharp, rhythmic blows. Start slowly then increase in speed to mimic the train pulling away from the station.

4. Steam Train Whistle - After train effects, put one finger into half the hole in the bowl. Long drawn out blow produces train whistle.

5. Wind Sound Effects - On long drawn out blow varying the breath pressure to sound like gusting wind whistling around a building.

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